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Choosing The Right Soft Play Company A Parents Guide

Posted By: Archies Castles and Soft Play | Posted Date: Thursday, February 1, 2024

Choosing The Right Soft Play Company A Parents Guide

Planning a fun party for your child is always an exciting experience, and choosing the right soft play company can make all the difference. If you're considering hiring soft play, you're on the right track to creating an extraordinary celebration. Whether you're searching for a soft play to hire or trying to find a reputable company, making the right choice is crucial. In areas like Kent, where parents want something other than the best for their children, they look for soft play hiring services that are knowledgeable and experienced. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the essential considerations for parents looking to hire soft play packages, ensuring your child's special day becomes memorable and joyous. From safety standards to equipment variety and customisation options, we'll navigate the intricacies of choosing the perfect soft play hiring company for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Soft play and bouncy castle hiring make parties super fun for kids.

  • There are many excellent soft playthings for all ages, like foam shapes and ball pits.

  • Parents find it easy because the soft play-for-hire handles everything – setting up and packing away.

  • Soft play is great for different events, like birthdays or family gatherings, and can be personalised for a special touch.

  • You can find various soft play equipment in Kent, from bouncy castles to crawl tunnels.

  • When picking a soft play company, look at reviews, safety, and how many fun things they have.

  • Soft play is an excellent way to create happy memories for kids in Kent.

Why Soft Play For Your Little One’s Celebrations?

Why Soft Play For Your Little One’s Celebrations?

Soft play hiring offers a unique and exciting party experience that traditional party arrangements cannot match. Soft play equipment such as foam shapes, ball pits, and crawl tunnels are suitable for kids of different ages, ensuring that every child finds something fun to engage with. The bouncy castles add excitement, allowing children to jump, bounce, and have fun in a safe and controlled environment. The pure delight and laughter that emanate from kids indulging in soft play activities can significantly contribute to the success of any event. Celebrating your little one's special moments can be both exciting and challenging. Let's explore why soft play is perfect for your child's celebrations.


Exciting Party Experience

Soft play introduces a unique party experience with foam shapes, ball pits, crawl tunnels, and bouncy castles, ensuring every child has a blast in a safe environment.

Convenience for Guardians

Soft play hiring simplifies the party process, providing comprehensive packages with setup, takedown, and various equipment. Parents can focus on enjoying the celebration instead of logistics.

Across Kent Towns

Soft play is a trend embraced in various Kent towns, bringing smiles and laughter to children and making celebrations memorable and hassle-free.

Types of Soft Play Equipment Available for Hiring in Kent

Types of Soft Play Equipment Available for Hiring in Kent

Soft play equipment has become a popular addition to children's parties and events, adding a unique touch to the festivities. It is perfect for birthday celebrations, family gatherings, or any special occasion that requires entertainment. With a wide range of soft play options, every event is guaranteed to be fun and exciting. Let's explore the fascinating options of soft play equipment.


  • Bouncy Castles: Experience the thrill of bouncing with these inflatable structures, perfect for adding an exciting element to any event.

  • Ball Pits: Create a playful environment with ball pits, offering endless fun and entertainment for children.

  • Foam Shapes and Blocks: Stimulate creativity and motor skills with soft foam shapes and blocks, fostering a dynamic play experience.

  • Crawl Tunnels and Play Tents: Encourage exploration and imaginative play with crawl tunnels and cosy play tents, providing a delightful space for children.

  • Soft Play Mats: Ensure a safe and comfortable play area with soft mats, ideal for toddlers and young children.

  • Interactive Games and Activities: Engage kids with interactive games, keeping them entertained and active throughout the celebration.

  • Slides and Climbing Structures: Add an element of adventure with slides and climbing structures, catering to the adventurous spirit of children.

  • Themed Soft Play Sets: Enhance the party theme with themed soft play sets such as Monster Truck Soft Play, princess soft play, multi coloured soft play, peppa pig soft play, Construction Soft Play, and Jungle Soft Play, immersing children in a world of imagination and fun.

  • Soft Play Obstacle Courses: Promote physical activity and coordination with soft play obstacle courses, offering a dynamic challenge for energetic kids.

Choosing the Right Soft Play Company: A Parent's Guide

In the dynamic realm of children's celebrations, selecting the right soft play company is paramount to ensuring a memorable and delightful experience. With numerous options available, making the right choice involves considering factors such as equipment variety, safety measures, and service reliability. Let's navigate through the key aspects to guide you in choosing the perfect soft play company for your upcoming event.

  1. Safety Standards
    Prioritise safety when selecting a soft play hiring company. Verify that the company adheres to safety standards. Please inquire about the materials used in their equipment, the setup procedures, and any safety measures implemented during the event. A trustworthy company will prioritise the children's well-being and ensure a secure environment for play.
  2. Equipment Variety
    Assess the range of soft play equipment provided by the company. A diverse selection, encompassing bouncy castles, ball pits, foam shapes, and interactive games, ensures that the entertainment caters to the preferences and age groups of the attending children. A wider variety offers more flexibility in crafting a customised, engaging play atmosphere.
  3. Cleanliness and Maintenance
    A reputable soft play hiring company maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene for their equipment. Inquire about their cleaning protocols, the frequency of equipment sanitisation, and general maintenance practices. Clean and well-maintained equipment ensures the children's health and safety and enhances the overall experience.

  4. Insurance Coverage
    Confirm that the soft play hiring company has appropriate insurance coverage, including liability insurance, to safeguard against accidents or injuries during the event. A solid company will be straightforward about its insurance policies, giving genuine serenity and confirmation that you are canvassed in unexpected conditions.

  5. Delivery and Setup Process
    Understand the company's delivery and arrangement process for the soft play equipment. An expert organisation will deal with transportation, arrangement, and takedown, allowing you to zero in on partaking in the celebration. Explain any extra expenses related to conveyance and arrangement, guaranteeing the company follows a dependable and proficient process.

  6. Customisation Options
    Consider the degree of customisation presented by hiring a soft play company. Whether it's a themed party or explicit inclinations for the play region, an organisation that considers customisation guarantees that the occasion mirrors your kid's exceptional character and interests. Ask about themed soft play sets, customised contacts, and extra customisation choices.

  7. Cost and Packages
    While spending plan contemplations are significant, assess the general worth given by the soft play hiring company. Analyse costs across various organisations, considering the assortment of equipment, safety measures, and extra services remembered for the packages. 

  8. Flexibility in Rental Duration
    Check the organisation's flexibility regarding rental duration. Events might shift concerning the necessary play time frame, and an organisation that obliges various spans permits you to fit the soft play insight to the particular necessities of your occasion, guaranteeing you get the most incentive for your venture.

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Take advantage: Level up your experience with D&T Events' exciting offers!

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FAQs About  Soft Play Hiring Company

What is Soft Play Hiring in Gillingham?

Soft Play hiring in Gillingham means you can rent fun and safe play equipment for kids' parties in Gillingham. It includes ball pits and climbing frames, perfect for young children. With Soft Play hiring, you can bring the excitement of a play area to your party location, be it your home or a community centre. It's a simple and popular choice to ensure the kids have a great time during events in Gillingham.

How to hire Soft Play in Medway?

Contact a local Soft Play hiring service. Inquire about availability and packages. Provide event details. Confirm booking and delivery. Enjoy the soft play experience. Schedule equipment pickup after the event.


Picking the right soft play hiring company for your child's celebration in Kent includes considering different variables. You can confidently explore soft play choices by focusing on security, gear assortment, neatness, customisation choices, and compelling correspondence. Whether you're in Chatham, Maidstone, Dartford, Gravesend, Medway, Rochester, Sittingbourne, Gillingham, or Maidstone, a trustworthy soft play employ organisation will add to making a supernatural and extraordinary experience for your kid and their companions.

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