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FAQs answers to our most popular questions!

Q. How do I book?

A. The easiest way to book is online through the website on our live booking system. This is available 24/7. No need to wait for us to respond.

Q. What time will you arrive & collect the equipment?

A. For Garden bookings we deliver from 6am (Peak season) up to 10.30am depending on where you are on our delivery route. Equipment is then collected in the same order it was dropped off with collections starting from 4pm. If you require guarenteed later collection then please book this at the time of booking in. If you have hired a venue/hall hall for your event for a set time then we will arrange our bookings around you. We need a minimum of 30 minutes before your party starts and after your party finishes to pack away. You will get a text from the driver when your next on the route.

Q. Is it cheaper if I book a bouncy castle for 2 hours instead of 4,6 or all day?

No, we charge a fixed price for our equipment no matter how little or long you need it (Guarenteed late collection & overnight fees apply). The reason for this is it still requires the same amount of work for us in terms of the setting up, packing away, fuel costs, time & staffing. So unfortunately we are unable to offer discount for shorter hires.

Q. Do you require a deposit?

We only take a non-refundable £20 booking deposit to secure your date & equipment. You do also have the option when booking in to pay the balance in full however if any cancellation £20 is still non-refundable. Please refer to our cancellation policy in our t&cs.

Q. When do I need to pay the full balance by?

You do not have to pay the full balance in advance if you are paying via cash or debit/credit card. If you are paying by bank transfer we ask for this to be paid 24 hours in advance. We are unable to accept payment by cheque unless pre-arranged with us at least 2 weeks before the date of the booking.

Q. How long does it take to set up/pack away?

We always suggest a minimum of 30 minutes for a simple castle or softplay set up. However if you are hiring a package we would recommend 45 minutes to 1 hour before your party start time & same amount of time after the party finishes. For multiple inflatables or large packages we may need 1 hour + so contact us first before booking in for a more accurate time frame.

Q. Is there an age limit for using the kid's castles?

A. Yes, all of our children's castles are suitable for children up to and including the age of 12. The amount of children that can use the bouncy castle can vary depending on the castle but info on max capacity this information can be found on the side on the castle. If in doubt ask your delivery team.

Q. Do you have public liability insurance?

A. Yes, we have public liability insurance up to 5 million pounds which would cover accidents which was our fault, such as equipment failure causing injury or failing to install a unit properly. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that there is adult supervision of the unit and equipment at all times. We would recommend taking out your own insurance if your concerned about becoming liable for injury during your event/party whilst the equipment is in your possession.

Q. Can the inflatables be set up on concrete, gravel or decking?

A. No, the inflatable must be on grass. This is so it can be safely pegged into the ground as per safety regulations. We are unable to safely set up on concrete, gravel or decking as we would need 163kg of ballast or sandbags per ancor point on the inflatable in order to secure it on those surfaces legally and safely. It's not viable for us to carry 1 Ton of sandbags to 1 booking. We are able to do artificial grass as long as you agree to us pegging through the artificial grass or it needs to be rolled back. You must be 100% certain that there is mud/sharp sand underneath the artificial grass. If I'm doubt check and contact us before booking in.

Q. How safe is it?

A. All of our bouncy castles and inflatables fully comply with the latest health and safety guidelines and have current safety certificates. We test our inflatables annually under the PIPA industry scheme. We also PAT test all of our electricals annually. We also provide information of what to avoid whilst using the equipment to keep your you and your guests safe.

How are the castles powered?

A. Our castles run off electrical fans which are provided with extension leads, Electrical points with standard plug sockets are required near to where the castle is going for your event, if the electrical point exceeds 20 metres from where the castle will be please notify when booking. The fan needs to be on the whole time and the fan does make a noise.

Q. Can we move the bouncy castle?

A. No, for insurance and safety reasons once the bouncy castle has been delivered and installed and our staff have left, it must not be moved under any circumstances. Failure to comply with this can cause serious risk of injury/death in which we wouldn't take responsibility for as we would have correctly installed the castle before we left in which we take photos on set up to prove our setups where installed correctly & safely.

Q. Do you supply safety mats?

A. Yes, We supply the necessary safety mats with every bouncy castle which comply to the current health and safety regulations.

Q. Can I hire equipment overnight?

A. Yes, we can arrange overnight hire for an additional cost of £40 but we can ONLY leave a bouncy castle overnight in a SECURE garden. If on arrival we deem it not to be secure we will not leave the equipment overnight.

Q. Can I collect my bouncy castle from you?

A. No for insurance and safety reason we must deliver and install the equipment ourselves.

Q. How much does it cost in electricity to run a bouncy castle?

A. It cost approximately £1.50 to run a bouncy castle all day.

Q. What happens in the event of bad weather on the day of hire?

Please refer to our terms and conditions which explains our policy on bad weather - cancellation/rebooking.

Q. Can you bring the castle through the house?

Unfortunately we are unable to come through the house with any of our inflatables due to the size of them when rolled they don't tend to fit through standard size doors. We are only able to bring softplay & Giant Games through the house. We are unable to take off our shoes when we do this and will not take responsibility for any damage to the property. The only exception to this would be through a garage as long as there was a clear path on arrival.

Q. Do you allow facepaint?

No, we do not allow anyone with facepaint to use any of equipment including softplay whilst wearing facepaint, glitter tattoos or transfer tattoos.

If we find any traces of these things on our equipment £100 will become due immediately, we can and will bill for new panels to be fitted by the manufacturer if its deemed excessive or a replacement of entire castle. If we arrive to the booking to find a facepainter we will ask for £100 damage deposit upfront before leaving equipment with you. We also reserve the right to use our discretion as to whether to hire the equipment to you or not if a facepainter is present. Facepaint stains permanently our equipment and nothing removes it from the fabric. We pride ourselves on having top quality and new equipment we want it to stay that way for everyone to enjoy.

Q. What access do you need to a garden?

A. We need outside access via a gate or alleyway to the garden. This needs to be at least 70cm wide for standard castles and wider for bigger castles such as the assault course. We can not come through houses. Access needs to be a clear , straight run with no obstacles as the equipment is heavy and will be on a trolley

Q. Can I put water on the equipment if it's warm weather?

A. We ask that no water is used on the equipment. This is because it can become a slip hazard and it also leaves us with a wet Dirty castle.

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