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Party Packages available to hire in Medway.

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with our comprehensive packages availableto hire in Medway, Kent & surrounding areas featuring a vibrant array of entertainment options. From the classic joy of a bouncy castle and thrilling excitement of our 8ft platform slide to the challenging adventure of an 42 ft assault course and the delightful playfulness of soft play areas, our package promises endless fun for guests of all ages. Perfect for birthdays, parties, and gatherings, this all-inclusive offering ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable event for everyone involved. Get ready to elevate your celebration with an exhilarating blend of excitement and laughter!

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Giant Games Package 1

3 Most Popular Games

From £60.00


Any 12 x 12ft Castle

& 4 Didi Cars

From £95.00


Giant Games Package 2

All of Our Games

From £120.00


Princess vs Pirate

12ftx12ft + 12ftx12ft

From £150.00


Combi Castle

Games Package

From £150.00


Platform Slide

Connect 4 & Didi Cars

From £155.00


Any 12ftx12ft Castle

& Coloured Soft Play

From £170.00


Jungle Package

15ftx12ft + Softplay

From £180.00


Construction Package

15x12ft & Soft Play

From £180.00


Any Slide Castle

& Coloured Soft Play

From £180.00


Princess Package 1

12ftx12ft + Soft Play

From £180.00


Peppa Pig Package

12x12ft + Softplay

From £180.00


Princess Package 4

15ftx12ft & 12ftx12ft

From £180.00


Multicoloured Combi

& Softplay

From £180.00


Platform Slide

& 12ft x 12ft Castle

From £185.00


Monster Truck Pack 1

3D Castle & Softplay

From £200.00


Princess Package 2

3D Castle & Softplay

From £200.00


Platform Slide

& Combi Castle

From £205.00


Platform Slide

& Coloured Soft Play

From £210.00


Adult Party Pack 3

15x15ft + 8ft Slide

From £210.00


Monster Truck Pack 2

3D Castle+8ft Slide

From £220.00


Princess + Monster 3D

& 4 Didi Cars

From £230.00


Fun Foods Package


From £250.00


Princess Package 3

3D +12x12ft+ Softplay

From £280.00


Any 12ftx12ft + Slide

& Coloured Soft Play

From £285.00


Adult Party Pack 2

A.Course & 15x15ft

From £290.00


Combi Castle + Slide

& Coloured Soft Play

From £295.00


Monster Truck Pack 3

3D + Slide + Softplay

From £300.00


Adult Party Pack 1


From £390.00


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